Who usually uses autocad?

AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, interior designers, real estate developers, artists, and the list goes on and on. Over the years, AutoCAD has created a substantial army of users and offers more than 20 different pieces of software in its suite. Architects use Autocad to create everything from schematic drawings and designs to fully detailed construction documents and 3D models. Autocad not only offers drawing and modeling tools, but it also allows architects to create detailed schedules of materials, finishes and elements used in the project, such as doors and windows.

It is worth mentioning that architects in recent years have switched to using Revit instead of Autocad as their main tool for architectural design, however, Autocad files remain the standard for sharing information between architects and other professionals involved in projects such as engineers ( structural engineers, electrical engineers, MEP), interior designers and specialist contractors (kitchen designers). Most interior designers involved in projects usually work with architectural plans. And since architects are creating the plans in Autocad, interior designers use Autocad to reference architectural drawings to create their own design on it. The CAD jobs demanded include copywriters.

Many use AutoCAD to convert the concepts and specifications of architects, engineers, and other manufacturing designers into drawings and drawings. Production workers use these plans to create tools, machines, and structures. Copywriters often focus on specialties such as aeronautics, architecture, or electronics. AutoCAD is commonly used by interior designers who prefer to create 3D versions of their interior designs.

AutoCAD allows interior designers to create realistic 3D models of spaces, offering support for solid, surface and mesh models.

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