Is autocad still free?

Yes, you can use AutoCAD on Mac and Windows if you have an AutoCAD subscription. You can use the same subscription username and password to activate the software on Windows or Mac platforms. The version years must match and you must download and install the correct software for your operating system. Free viewers are available for most Autodesk products and file types to allow you to share and view projects without the need for full versions of our software products.

Visit the Autodesk Viewers page for more information. The student version of AutoCAD is available free of charge for up to 3 years. For the student version, we need to log in and then select the student version option. Draft It is free forever, making it a great alternative to AutoCAD, allowing you to create CAD models using professional tools and save or print your work.

When you subscribe to AutoCAD software, you gain access to AutoCAD for Windows and AutoCAD for Mac, AutoCAD web and mobile applications, as well as the Architecture, Electrical, 3D Map, Mechanical, MEP, 3D Plan, and Raster Design toolset (Windows) only). AutoCAD Electrical is no longer sold separately, but is included when you purchase an AutoCAD subscription. The AutoCAD web application allows you to work in AutoCAD in any computer's web browser, so you can continue working and continue designing. You can purchase a personal AutoCAD single-user license online, by phone (1-855-223-969), or from a reseller.

AutoCAD Architecture is no longer sold separately, but is included when you purchase an AutoCAD subscription. All of the AutoCAD alternatives in this list have a common denominator: they can be obtained for free. While AutoCAD is a general drawing tool with a wide application, Revit is a design and documentation solution that supports all phases and disciplines involved in a construction project. While AutoCAD is best suited to 2D & 3D mechanical, civil, and architectural engineering designs, SketchUp is ideal for 3D modeling and basic object representation.

Revit is a step forward for draftsmen in the AEC market and there is no doubt that Revit will replace AutoCAD in the near future, offering a variety of functions to its users. You can then enter the other user's email address to assign access to the software and send an invitation to download and install AutoCAD from their Autodesk account. AutoCAD 360, now known as the AutoCAD mobile application, is a cloud-based DWG viewing and editing application, with easy-to-use drawing and drawing tools. The most recent versions of AutoCAD and Revit have cloud computing capabilities, where key project files are hosted in a web database.

Also, if you're looking for an AutoCAD alternative for your entire class or school, you may be able to get a free version; go to the education page for more information. The serial number and product key will be needed later during the AutoCAD installation. SketchUp is a completely free 3D modeling software that allows you to import and work with CAD files, making it an excellent alternative to AutoCAD for working on your CAD files.

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